Fan Cultures Assignment #2: Article Analysis

Your task is to analyze the use of sources in one of the articles we’ve read for class, using Gaipa’s terminology. (3-4 pages)


Identify three or four moments in the text where the author appears to be engaged in one of the strategies Gaipa describes with regard to another source—for instance, picking a fight with another author, riding another author’s coattails, etc.

Once you have found your examples, write a short paper which links them together in a compelling way. For instance, an article may use one source in a very complicated way which you need the entire paper to explain, or may employ one strategy repeatedly in a manner to which you use to call attention.

Be sure to use Gaipa’s terminology and explain how it fits.  Do not simply note that Author X agrees or disagrees with Author Y; instead, use evidence from the article to show which rhetorical moves the author is making.

As you identify the strategies used in the article, explain how you believe the use of these strategies helps the author to make a stronger argument.  This is necessary to ensure that your paper is an analysis rather than a description.

Remember, you are interested in how the author uses sources, not in his or her rhetorical choices in general.

Audience: Newcomers to this academic conversation

Pre-Draft Writing Assignments: Annotation of an article, blog responses to articles as we read them, responding to classmates’ blogs

Writing Lessons: Integration of sources, academic diction


Excerpt from Gaipa, Mark. “Breaking into the Conversation: How Students Can Acquire Authority for Their Writing.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture. 4.3 (2004): 419-437.

Articles on fan cultures (see syllabus)

Class blog (other class members’ writing)

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