Fan Cultures Assignment #5: Research Paper


Part II: Research Paper

Your task is to select an artifact or practice of one fandom and argue for an understanding of it from one of the perspectives we’ve discussed (social, literary, legal, etc.). (8-10 pages)


Use the question you asked in your proposal to focus your paper. Try to answer that question with your claim and defend your answer with evidence from your research.

You will need to situate your claim within the larger conversation. The sources you have gathered for your annotated bibliography will be key. You may use more sources than you included in the annotated bibliography assignment or fewer, but you should use enough sources to establish that you are familiar with the scholarly conversation into which you are entering. This is your opportunity to put into practice some of the strategies you’ve learned for using sources.

Always be aware of how and why you are using sources. Introduce and analyze them in a way that makes clear to the reader why you have chosen the sources you have.  Do not simply “drop” quotations into your paper without explanation.

Give yourself plenty of time to write and research this paper.

You will turn in a first draft and a revised version of this paper. Remember, the better your first draft is, the better the advice I can give you for the final version.

Audience: A reader like one of your classmates, who understands the concepts we’ve been discussing in class but may not be familiar with the specific work or community about which you are writing.

Pre-Draft Writing Assignments: Research proposal, annotated bibliography, rough draft, response to others’ drafts, reading one or two model research papers

Writing Lessons: Making a claim, integrating sources,

Sources: Research materials found by the students, drafts by other students

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