Writing in the Sciences Assignment #3: Textbook Passage on Cultural Evolution

Writing Assignment #3: Scientists Writing for Students – Textbook Passage on Cultural Evolution (6 – 8 pp.)

You have been asked to write a chapter section for a college evolution textbook on the advent of “Cultural Evolution”.  The primary goal is to provide an overview of research on this topic, and present the material in a logical sequence, organized under several subheadings.  Your starting point should be a definition of culture, which should address the important question, of whether culture is just a human phenomenon. Since this is an instructional writing piece, scientific terminology should be given special attention (e.g. bold type, and definitions provided in parentheses when terms are introduced).

Learning Goals: Developing skill in instructional writing, clear organization of topics within a broader work, appropriately introducing and defining scientific terminology, properly citing references


Dobzhansky et.al., Evolution
Goldsmith and Zimmerman, Biology, Evolution and Human Nature
Darwin, The Origin of Species

Informal Writing Assignments: Chapter summary, sketch of important ideas


Posted in Present research within conventions of a particular genre

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