French Orientalism Assignment #4: Research Paper

Paper #4:  Research Paper on a topic related to French imperialism (6-7pp.)

In this project you will face a new set of challenges, such as selecting a feasible and interesting research topic.  You’ll choose a specific case, theme, idea or debate, and develop an argument about its relationship to historical context.  Your treatment of the topic should bring some order to its various representations (narrative forms or media) while making a distinct contribution to the scholarly “conversation” you choose to engage.

Goals of the Essay:

  • The goals of this essay are for you to carve from the assignment a topic that interests you, to do research, to use your research to make an argument while evaluating different kinds of sources in a longer essay.
  • Find scholars who are interested in your topic, constellate them, and situate yourself within a scholarly conversation.
  • Create a lead-in, in which your essay’s motive can be illustrated in a manner that interests your reader.
  • Think about how to formulate a thesis that is at once arguable and demonstrable given the evidence you’ve found.

Pre-Draft (1):  Identifying a Topic and a Motivating Problem

Pre-Draft (2):  Finding an “emblematic” element, or passage, from your reading of the primary sources that may be used to devise a lead-in.

Pre-Draft (3):  Paper Proposal


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