French Orientalism Assignment #2: Distillation of a Theoretical Critique

Paper #2:  Distillation of a Theoretical Critique (1-2pp.)

Assignment 2:  In this short paper assignment, you will write a critical summary of selected pages from Edward Saïd’s Orientalism.  Your task is to locate Saïd’s key claims, explore their implications and reveal the assumptions underpinning them.  As you approach this assignment bear in mind that you will use and critique his insights in your own analysis of sources in your next essay.

Goals of the Essay:

  • Take your own position on the merits of Orientalism’s claims by assessing their clarity and evidentiary support.
  • Eschew lengthy summary, limit quotations through paraphrasing.
  • Orient your reader by explaining key terms and difficult passages in the text.

Pre-Draft Assignments:

  • Pre-Draft (1):  Identify complex or difficult passages
  • In-class Pre-Draft (2):  Deciphering and paraphrasing


Edward Saïd, Orientalism (selections)

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