Writing about Music Assignment #4: Cultural critique

Essay 04. Cultural critique. 6-8 pp.

Using one of the historical pieces of music that we have studied, construct an argument about the culture within which the work was created and appreciated. I am interested in your interpretation about how this music was utilised by contemporary audiences and what the music meant to the listeners (and/or performers) during that time. How did the formal features of this music enable certain kinds of behaviours? What does insight does this music give us into the culture of the past?

Pre-Draft Writing Assignments:

Note that these exercises should take place throughout the semester, not just in the weeks immediately leading up to the final assignment.

a)    Regular in-class writing assignments directed at summarising class discussion of a musical example. These will focus on linking (musical) content and (extramusical) context.

b)   writing workgroups (in which students will workshop elements of their draft); draft due-date scheduled in class calendar

Audience: Academically inclined readers

Writing Lessons: motive, content, evidence, analysis, critique, citation practice

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