Writing about Music Lesson Plan: Quotation Frames

Lesson Plan on Quotation Frames
Emily Wilbourne, Queens College, CUNY, Music
Music 121 or 122

Lesson objective(s):

Total estimated time: 35-40 minutes.

Additional outcome(s): This is a writing exercise, but it is also a reading exercise that should make students more aware of the way in which authors shape their arguments.

Course work or assignment underway: A major piece of writing (any).

Work and/or reading completed before class: Completed draft of paper.

Sequence of Classroom Activities:

1. Using examples taken (where possible) from that week’s reading, discuss the way in which subtle cues about a source are given by the author. (5 mins).

Provide a list of possible introductory verbs and sentence fragments. (7 mins).

2. On an overhead or a handout, provide multiple different versions of the same quotation, embedded within the same sentence, but using different verbs to introduce the quote.

3. Have students examine their own draft and find three places where they introduce a quote. (3 mins).

4. In each of these three instances, what impression does the quotation frame give? Is this the ideal way to frame the quote? Assess all three quotation frames; re-write at least one (do all three if you have time). (10 mins).

5. Once students have a “new” version of their chosen paragraph(s), they should exchange their work with a colleague. The colleague should read the original version AND the new version. Note down (in point form) the impressions each one gives. Which version do you prefer? Return the comments to the author. (7 mins)

6. Return to the group for a discussion of the exercise. How effective were your changes at clarifying the purpose and meaning of the quotes? (10 mins). Ideally this discussion will emphasise the extent to which subtle cues help to build an argument and to shape the readers’ opinion. Such cues can be far more successful than overt statements.

Reflection on the lesson’s success or alternative approaches:


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