Writing & Library Research Methods Assignment #4: Annotated Bibliography

Your task is to identify and annotate 8-10 secondary sources which you believe will help you to make your argument in the research paper. (~5 pages)


The annotations must explain how you will use each source in your paper. Mere summaries are not sufficient; I want to know why you are choosing this source instead of another one.

Maintaining the distinction we’ve been making throughout this class, you must use interpretive sources; you may use research sources.

You must use scholarly sources. We’ve talked about several different kinds of sources throughout this class and how you might use them; keep this in mind as you are selecting sources.

You might not end up using all these sources in your final paper. This is a normal part of the research process.  Do your best to find sources that you think you will be able to use, and you will have plenty of other options available to you when some turn out not to work quite as well as you had expected.

You may need to venture beyond the library’s holdings to get books and articles that Queens College does not own. Please feel free to take advantage of CLICS and Interlibrary Loan. Give yourself plenty of time, so that these options will remain available to you.

Please make sure you have examined all the sources you list, or at least read abstracts for them!

Audience:  A reader who is interested in knowing more about the subject of your essay. Also, you, when you are writing your final paper later in the semester.

Pre-Draft Writing Assignments: Research proposal, research reflection, and prior assignments.

Writing Lessons: Research, integrating sources

Sources: Whatever the students find, model annotated bibliographies.

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