Professional Writing for Performance Assignment #3: Grant Proposal: Project Description

Imagine the first major project of your new theater or dance company and write the project description portion of your grant proposal to secure the funding necessary to create it.  The grant is for young, emerging artists who show a fresh vision, relevance to a new audience, and have the wherewithal to follow through on ambitious plans. To make your proposal stronger, you will need to research similar projects in recent history and put your own proposed work in comparison to them. (4 pages double-spaced, plus two 1 page cover letters, one for first draft and one for revision.  Total pages: 6)


Same as Assignment #1

Versions submitted

Two, first draft and final, with in-class “grant review panel” after first draft

Learning Goals

  • Crafting concise, persuasive arguments with adequate evidence
  • Writing to a specific audience
  • Anticipating counterarguments

Pre-draft assignments

  • In-class close reading of sample project descriptions
  • In-class partner exercise using “interviews” to develop argument for project descriptions, and learn to anticipate counterarguments
  • In-class freewrite based on interviews
  • In-class technique exercise: Use of active, vivid verbs
  • In-class technique exercise: Developing arguments with adequate evidence
  • Blog assignment:  How should the arts be funded?


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