Professional Writing for Performance Assignment #4: Final Project

Use the resources of NYFA or the Foundation Center to research an actual grant that you’d like to produce an application for.  You may do this as your real self, or you may invent a fictional version of yourself to develop a proposal for a grant that interests you but that you would not yet qualify for in real life.  In either case you must get my approval for the grant you have chosen before proceeding any further. (In discussion with me, we will decide what portion of the real-life package you will work on.   For instance, I might tell you to skip detailed budgets and work samples for the purposes of this assignment, but to prepare the artist’s statement, bio, cover letter and project description) Assemble your grant proposal into a grant package for submission.  (7-9 pages double-spaced, plus one 1 page cover letter on the first draft.  Total pages: 8-10)


The actual grant committee controlling the grant you have chosen to apply for.

Versions submitted

Two, first draft and final, with partner peer review after first draft

Learning Goals

  • Effective research for discovering real-world grant opportunities
  • Writing effectively at variable lengths
  • Demystifying and mastering the skill of professional presentation

Pre-draft assignments

  • In-class research tutorial on how to use resources at NYFA and the Foundation Library
  • In-class exercise:  writing effectively at variable lengths
  • Blog assignment:  tricky things about writing in the English language that I have mastered (or that still drive me crazy)
  • In-class presentations teaching fellow students how to solve the problem articulated in blog assignment
Posted in Develop an analytical argument using original research, Present research within conventions of a particular genre

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