Writing & Library Research Methods Lesson Plan: Reading Academic Articles

Lesson objective(s):  Reading complex academic articles

Total estimated time: 45-50 minutes

Additional outcome(s):  Modeling academic writing, working with some of the terms in Gordon-Harvey (thesis and structure in particular)

Course work or assignment underway:

            This has to happen early in the semester: just after they’ve read a more complex article.

Work and/or reading completed before class:

Academic article

Sequence of Classroom Activities:

Break students into pairs.

Have each pair of students read a section of the article carefully and write down what they think the thesis of that section is. (15 minutes)

Come back into a large group and go through the sections in order, writing down the thesis of each section on the board/screen. (15 minutes)

Individually, ask students to illustrate the relationships among these theses.  Have them underline the most important thesis, put a star next to the spot where a new thesis is introduced, and draw arrows between theses that depend on each other and must be made in that order. (7 minutes)

Come back into a large group and check for agreement/disagreement.  Group discussion about the structure of this article. (10 minutes)


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