About College Writing 2

Beginning in Fall 2013, Queens College will offer a new college-wide writing course called “College Writing 2.” Along with our current “English 110: College Writing 1,” this course will satisfy our students’ Pathways English Composition requirement.

We hope College Writing 2 will strengthen our curriculum by linking writing instruction more closely with General Education. In that spirit, we envision College Writing 2 as the next logical step students take from the interdisciplinary work they do in College Writing 1. Thus, College Writing 2 will teach students how to identify and practice the scholarly conventions of writing in a particular discipline.

To ensure that this discipline-specific work benefits students in every major, College Writing 2 will be offered in departments and divisions across campus. Students will be encouraged to take their second writing course in the departments of their majors (or in departments whose methodologies are similar or complementary), so that they learn to gather and analyze evidence in the ways that their discipline values most. Thus, students might choose from a variety of College Writing 2 titles such as: Writing about History, Writing about Biology, Writing in the Social Sciences, or Writing about Literature.

Writing at Queens supports a set of criteria for College Writing 2 that is structured somewhat like the Queens College Goals for Student Writing, where program-wide Course Goals are separate from more nuanced Advice that faculty might follow in constructing a syllabus or lesson plan.

  • Click here to view official Course Goals for College Writing 2.
  • Click here to view practical Advice for how to teach these courses.

Faculty might also find it useful to be somewhat familiar with the goals and guidelines of English 110: College Writing so that their students may continue to build the skills they gained in that course.