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Writing & Library Research Methods Lesson Plan: Reading Shakespeare

Lesson objective(s): Give students some tools with which to absorb the reading materials so that they won’t be overwhelmed and turn to poorly-written rephrasings of the text. Additional outcome(s): Students may learn good reading habits in general, especially about using

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Writing & Library Research Methods Lesson Plan: Article Annotation

Lesson objective(s):  Reading an academic article carefully and for meaning Total estimated time: 1 hour Additional outcome(s): Model how an argument is built, begin to identify the ways in which authors are interacting with each other Course work or assignment

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Writing & Library Research Methods Lesson Plan: Reading Academic Articles

Lesson objective(s):  Reading complex academic articles Total estimated time: 45-50 minutes Additional outcome(s):  Modeling academic writing, working with some of the terms in Gordon-Harvey (thesis and structure in particular) Course work or assignment underway:             This has to happen early

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