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Lesson Plan on Writing with Motive

*Note: this lesson plan is not linked to a particular course, but was developed by Writing at Queens to be easily adapted for any course.  You may view and download all lesson plans in this series or download this lesson

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Writing in Philosophy Lesson Plan: Dialectic (Motive)

Lesson Objectives: This is a crucial lesson. The introduction to students of dialectic, or motive, in writing shows students that philosophy, and argumentation generally, is not about taking a “side” in a debate, but rather about understanding the broad variety

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Writing in the Sciences Lesson Plan: Motive in Science Essay Writing

Lesson Plan on the Element of “Motive” in Science Essay Writing (“Motive” as defined in Gordon Harvey’s “Elements of the Academic Essay”) Esther Muehlbauer, Queens College Department of Biology CW2: Writing in the Sciences – Evolutionary Themes Lesson Objective:  To

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