Each year, Writing at Queens works closely with six to eight full-time faculty members from various departments, as well as with six CUNY Writing Fellows who are also from a range of disciplines, and two advanced Writing Fellows focused on faculty and classroom support.

In creating the material on this website, Faculty Partners met regularly to create model College Writing 2 courses for their departments that consisted of the following:

  • Two Course Overviews with a description of the course’s relationship to writing and a sequence of linked writing assignments for the semester (each with learning goals, readings, and informal writing assignments).
  • Two sample Syllabi that represent two possible iterations of the course topic.
  • A selection of about twice as many Course Readings as would be assigned in any given section of the course.
  • A collection of Lesson Plans that describe possible in-class activities or informal assignments that contribute to the process of writing a particular essay.

If you are interested in developing a College Writing 2 course with Writing at Queens, or have other suggestions or questions related to designing or teaching these courses, please call us at 718-997-4695 or email the Director at and Associate Director at