Faculty Workshops

Writing at Queens hosts a series of workshops throughout the year devoted to supporting faculty teaching College Writing 2. While these workshops are designed to help College Writing 2 faculty integrate writing into their teaching practices, they will also be useful for any instructors whose courses involve a writing component. The workshops will both inform and model: the pedagogies instructors learn in these sessions can later be applied in their own writing classes.

Faculty will be paid a stipend for attending workshops. Space is limited, so please contact Writing at Queens at 718-997-4695 or email the Director at kevin.ferguson@qc.cuny.edu to register for the workshop series.

For each workshop in the series below, you can download not only the agenda/handouts for workshop participants but also a script for the facilitator. We provide this for those who might not be able to attend a particular session and for those who might want to adapt this format for use in their classes.

Workshop 1: Developing a Course Vocabulary

Workshop 2: Micro-Lesson Planning

Workshop 3: Scaffolding Your Class 

Workshop 4: Better Assignments for Better Writing

Workshop 5: Using Technology to Collect Low-Stakes Writing

Workshop 6: Four Ways to do a Peer Review Workshop

Workshop 7: Revising Your Writing Syllabus